Move On to a Better Future
Roni Keidar, July 25 2013

Today our voice is heard and talks are about to commence without preconditions.

Will our leaders, on both sides of the conflict, be open minded enough to arise and conduct negotiations, when both are listening to one another, really determined to reach an understanding?

I think that just as we are constantly on guard, criticizing our leaders when we are not in agreement with their conduct, so we should commend and support them when they take important steps in the direction we believe in. Our voice has to be heard here too in order to strengthen the believers and turn round the skeptics.

I strongly believe that if we’ll be determined, all of us, and not listen to the words of the extremists, on either side, that are doing their utmost to discourage us, we will succeed eventually in finding the equation acceptable by all and move on to a better future.