A Report from Rafah Crossing
"A" From Gaza writes about the current situation and conditions at the Rafah border crossing

The number of Palestinians in Gaza who need to leave Gaza is almost 5,000, including people in urgent need of medical care, students, and people with foreign citizenship.

The Rafah border only opens for two days a week, four hours a day, thus allowing a maximum of 500 people in two days to go through.

The Egyptians put Gazans in the Airport Prison until their departure, with no food. They steal our money. On our way back they put us in the same place until they make sure the border is open. They then take us via a bus directly to Rafah under Egyptians Forces protection.

The Hamas Government issues permits only to urgent cases.

They treat us there very badly, and they put women, kids , doctors, students, engineers all together - they don’t care who you are.

Attached are pictures of the food and the airport prison during one of my travels through Cairo Airport.