Gaza: Total Darkness and Icy Weather
Ayman Qwaider
14 December 2013

Over the past 72 hours, Gaza has been undergoing icy rain and unprecedented wind. As a result of the critical weather conditions, a considerable number of families in Gaza has been forced to leave their homes seeking shelters identified by authorities in Gaza. The absence of power supply has made it even more dreadfully difficult for families in Gaza to cope with such reality. Total darkness and icy weather have terrible impact on people’s daily affairs. Over 137 families have been evacuated due to massive rains flooded in their homes in different neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip.

Like 1.8 million in Gaza, electricity was available only for 4 hours over the last 48 hours in my house; this has been since last month when the lone power plant was switched off due to the fuel shortage. Listening to people in streets, Gaza has not had such bad weather in 20 years. However, this deterioration in weather comes while Gaza still suffers critical shortage in fuel, cooking gas, and there is no electricity. Nearly 2 million living in Gaza are left alone in these grave conditions.

In the last 7 years, the international community has regularly denounced the inhumane situation in Gaza, but no action has been taken to alleviate the suffering of people. It is a human call from people of Gaza to their human counterparts to take serious actions to end this blockade and provide Gaza with basic human rights of all human beings.