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Peaceman was born 29 years ago in a refugee camp in Gaza. Against all odds he completed high school and college in Gaza. He then was accepted to a university in Europe for MBA studies but in 2006 temporarily stopped his studies for a short period, in order to go home and save some money planning to continue after this short break.


Unfortunately, Peaceman returned to Gaza at the worst possible period, when Hamas took control over Gaza, violence raged with ongoing attacks between the Hamas and Israel, unemployment reached almost 80 percent. He lost his job at a school that was closed by the Hamas and later bombed and demolished by attacks from Israel, and since has been unable to find a job.


Peaceman tried leaving Gaza and and go back to Europe, get a loan, finish his defgree and then go back to Gaza, however all efforts to leave Gaza have been to no avail do to the the harsh Israeli policy and siege on Gaza that have prevented him from leaving Gaza even for a visa interview.


Peaceman is  using the name "Peaceman" as an alias for personal security reasons. He started using this name when starting a blog in January 2008 together with an Israeli friend from Sderot called “Life must go on in Gaza and Sderot” This blog is a personal account of 2 peace seeking people that talk about life on both sides of the border during some of the most difficult times of Istraeli attacks on Gaza Rockets hitting Sderot:


Luckily after much effort, the university Peaceman was studying in has agreed to allow him to complete his studies online and he has been doing this for the past year. However, he has been unable to pay back the tuition fees for several past courses and needs to complete his last 3 courses in order receive his degree.

The total amount he needs is $5500. The full sum will be used to cover Peaceman’s debt to the university.


Donations for Peaceman can be made either via PayPal or via direct money transfer.

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The short background I gave you about Peaceman is only a very small part of his story. I would be more than happy to give fuller information to anyone who wishes to know more.


Eric Yellin