For 8 years, citizens of the Sderot region have lived a reality of ongoing Qassam rockets attacks, endless (useless) visits of politicians and army officers, and constant physical and psychological threat. The people of the area are unprotected, have lost hope for the future, and are tired of the many empty promises they have been given. This has led many to fear that there may be no solution to this unbearable situation.


Up until now we have cried, called, demonstrated, and asked our leaders to do something about this insane reality in which we live. The leaders have tried every possible idea that involves violence and military force – with no success at all.


We shoot at them and they shoot at us.

We retaliate and they strike back.

This is an endless and vicious cycle.


Today we say: ENOUGH! It is our turn to take our destiny into our own hands and to ACT to stop the cycle of bloodshed.


Other Voice is a grassroots group that has no political aspirations. We are citizens of the Sderot region and the Gaza region. We are interested in finding creative ways of hearing a new voice from the region and for promoting hope and non-violent actions for the benefit of the locals who live here in Sderot and in the Gaza Strip.


Other Voice includes diverse men and women from all political backgrounds, professions, and beliefs. We all agree that joint civil action is needed in order to create a new sustainable option for our lives in this region.


We invite all people of the region to join us in voicing their own personal call and our joint "other-voice".


For more information and to join please send an email to


For letters of support from around the world please send an email to