Label Set Administration:
You are currently viewing the Label Sets Administration section of LimeSurvey.

From this point you can create, edit or delete Label Sets for use in the 'flexible labels' question type(s). Label Sets allow you to pre-define a series of options against which various answers can be checked. For example, in may surveys you may want to ask the participant for a response to a particular statement or scenario and give them a list of choices for each one. An example is show below:

Please indicate the extent to which you agree with the following statements:
  Agree Strongly Agree Somewhat Neither Agree Nor Disagree Disagree Somewhat Disagree Strongly
I am a very strange person
I love ice cream
Green is a lovely colour

Using Label Sets you can create your own column headings for these sorts of questions.

The following options are available in the Label Sets Administration Toolbar:

Home Click on this icon to return to the main LimeSurvey administration screen
Add Label Set: Click here to create a new label set or import a label set from a file

Adding a New Labelset
Click on to create or import a new label set.

A labelset requires just a name. Each label set is also automatically given a unique "LID" (or Labelset InDex) number. You can create a labelset with the same name as another label set, although generally this is not recommended (as it tends to confuse things). The label set will be distinguishable from any with a different name by its LID number.

Importing a Label Set
You can use the Import Label Set option at the bottom of the screen to import a label set. Click on browse, choose the LimeSurvey *.sql file containing your label set and then click on the Import button.