A Letter to a Friend in Gaza
Written following the recent rocket attacks from Gaza and the IDF strikes there
28 October 2013

I too was awakened this morning by several large explosions when a rocket fell not far from our village and others on the outskirts of Ashqelon and the Iron Dome that intercepted one of them.

Only last week I was talking to a group of Swiss members of parliament trying to convince them and myself that there is small light at the end of the tunnel and as we stood on the overlook there was an alert and we dashed behind the "wall". My intention was really not to demonstrate the constant tension we are under.

Here am I sending out requests for people like you who need to cross through Israel in order to travel elsewhere via Jordan and explaining all around that that light I was talking about will only get stronger if we allow for freedom of travel, freedom of expression, freedom for people to be able to live in safety, thrive and succeed in everything they are doing.

One of my grandsons between tears and fear asked his Mum, "I don't understand, how come they are sending rockets? Grandma talked to them and told them to stop."

My heart cries out for all those peace loving people on both sides of the border, STOP THE VIOLENCE! WE WANT TO LIVE AND LET LIVE!

Roni Keidar
Netiv Ha'asara