Other Voice

For a Civilian Solution to the Conflict


For too long, the Gaza-Sderot region has known war and despair. Other Voice – a grassroots volunteer initiative comprised of citizens from the communities bordering the Gaza border – knows that our violent reality can and must be altered. 

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Bring an end to the violence between Israel and Gaza

Israeli government, Palestinian government and governments around the world  -

Citizens from all around the world call for an immediate end to the mutual violence!

Over the past few weeks violence has been escalating again in the region. Israel air raids in Gaza and rockets fired from Gaza into civilian populations in Israel, kill, maim, traumatize and devastate the innocent populations on both sides of the border.

This reality has been going for years, and it is unbearable and inhumane! We deserve to live normal secure and hopeful lives. This is all we ask!

We call upon the Israeli and Palestinian governments to end this violence once and for all. Find ways to sit down and talk, end the attacks and the siege on Gaza, and stop playing with our lives.

We call upon world governments to put pressure on our governments to end this insanity and encourage our governments to finally make the bold move of bringing stability and quiet to the region.

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