An Insider's View on Hamas in Gaza

M., Gaza, 8 November 2013

The situation in Gaza is very tense. Hamas hired many young people from its supporters and trained them to confront the anti-government demonstrators on November 11, 2013, although the demonstrations, being planned by the "Tamarrod campaign (“Rebellion” in English)", are to be non-violent demonstrations.

Hamas police are now arresting young people and detaining young children in Gaza on charges of belonging to the "Tamarrod campaign", and undermining order and security in Gaza.

Hamas masked militants are marching with their weapons in the streets of all refugee camps in Gaza everyday to intimidate people.

The Hamas Minister of Interior ordered their policemen and militants to shoot and hit demonstrators directly in the head.

Hamas wants to maintain control over Gaza at any cost, and it’s a matter of life or death to them. If they will lose, they will take all of us with them. They don’t care if they kill all people in order to keep their iron grip over Gaza.

I expect Hamas not to allow journalists or news TV stations to cover the event. I also expect them to cut off electricity all the time in Gaza to keep it dark, in all ways. I also expect them to cut off the internet connection, mobile phones and telephone land lines. They will do anything in their power to isolate us from the outside world.


We are waiting to see what’s going to happen.

I hope Hamas era will come to an end very soon.

I'll keep you updated by any means of communication available.