About Us

Other Voice – For a Civil Solution to the Conflict


For too long, the Gaza-Sderot region has known war and despair. Other Voice – 

a grassroots volunteer initiative comprised of citizens from the communities bordering the Gaza border – knows that our violent reality can and must be altered. In our work, we keep in contact with Gazans, call for an end to the siege and for an end to the attacks from both sides, that target primarily innocent citizens. We work toward the co-creation of a sustainable reality for all. The ongoing violence has exacted a high psychological and physical price from us, which we are no longer willing to pay.


Since our inception over 5 years ago, Other Voice has held:

  • Four weekend-evening happenings, attended by nearly 1,000 people
  • A peace-conference on sustainability for our region,  attended by 400 Israelis, Palestinians and internationals
  • Five Israeli-Gazan peace seminars, attended by young adults from both sides of the border
  • Petitions, campaigns and articles, many of which have been published in The Washington Post, New York Review of Books, Jerusalem Post, Ha’aretz, and other media sources, in support of a long-term cease-fire between the sides
  • Donation campaigns for Gazans in need of medical or humanitarian assistance
  • Hosting of thousands of guests from Israel and throughout the world, including journalists, religious leaders, local, regional and national governmental leaders, youth groups, members of peace delegations, and elders for lectures/tours 


The purposes of these activities and campaigns are:

  1. To bring awareness to international, Israeli and Palestinian publics and decision makers concerning the high physical and psychological toll that the violence has on Israelis and Gazans
  2. To bring awareness concerning the need for achieving a non-violent, political solution to the conflict
  3. To connect Israelis and Gazans
  4. To strengthen support in Israel and Palestine; to reach a critical mass that supports peace efforts

Our planned activities for 2013-2014 include:

  1. Continued campaign against the blockade on Gaza and its harmful effects
  2. Continued outreach to Palestinians in Gaza to build civilian bridges
  3. Numerous group meetings with Israelis from communities bordering and near the Gaza region concerning Other Voice’s messages
  4. Public events – seminars, conferences and happenings – in Sderot and surrounding communities that spread messages of the need for peace, dialogue, humanitarianism, and sustainability in our region
  5. Advocacy – in national, regional and international circles