Letters of Appreciation

Dear Roni,

Last week you friendlily invited us in your home to speak about your project - Other Voice. We were a group from the University of Augsburg, Germany. You gave me a little piece of pottery (a little dog), which we wanted to paste on the wall. We couldn't do it because of an alert. So I will keep it as a symbol that I will always remember. Thank you so much for all you are doing for those people. I send you all my best wishes and hopes! Stay as you are - the world needs people like you – who stand for others. Even if you sometime feel left alone with your thoughts, let me say that you are on the right way. God bless you!





Hello Roni!


My name is Sarah Chorne and I am a student at Binghamton University in New York, USA.  I was on the Yahel/Onward Israel/Repair the World trip this summer in Israel and my group came to visit your community and home regarding your organization's work.


First of all, I just want to thank you again for your hospitality during our visit as well as your passion, honesty, and strength in regards to the conflict between Israel and Gaza.  There are plenty of people and organizations that deal with this conflict, but I have never before heard of an organization that is simply "pro-peace."  The way you help so many others, including those who live in Gaza and befriend them is truly incredible and it inspired and reminded me once again to not judge a person based on where they come from or what their race is.  We visited so many places as a group, and our visit with you is one I will never forget…


Sarah Chorne

Binghamton University



Dear Roni,

Cannot thank you enough for the insights and time you gave us yesterday! You truly are a compelling speaker and a logical thinker! I have Einstein's definition taped up over my desk at home: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Yet you also said that to talk, it takes two parties willing, and perhaps, able, to talk. Perseverance is an excellent trait! Kol ha K'vod for your Vision and your Process!

Shelley Ann Lipowich, Ph.D.
Tucson, Arizona


Dear Roni,

It was a pleasure meeting you a couple of weeks ago, when you spoke to our Telos group in your home. I admire the work you are doing, and found your words very moving. Thank you for sharing them, and for so graciously having us in your home.

I recently moved from New York City to Dallas, and am sharing your message and word of your work with friends and contacts in both places. I hope we will stay in touch! You always have a friend in Dallas, or wherever my family and I are.

With blessings and warmest regards,

Jamie Malakoff
Telos Group


Dear Roni,

I am writing on behalf of the Kingston Quaker –Jewish Dialogue Group to thank you warmly for the time and insights you gave us on our visit to Israel/Palestine in Late April/May . The whole visit was rich in ideas , views and issues to work on, because people like you were willing to give us serious attention. We are very grateful.

In our very small way we are continuing our dialogue in support of all those who are seeking to reach a just peace between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples. We are working on a joint report of our visit and reflections and are happy to share that with you and the other people we met if you would like a copy.

Several of us have decided to support the work of some of the organisations we visited. We have given some talks in our communities and there is great interest here in what we have to say about the courageous efforts of so many different groups in Israel/Palestine working for a just peace.

Many thanks for all you contributed to our dialogue,

Gillian Ashmore & Jack Green
Kingston Quaker –Jewish Dialogue Group