Courageous Efforts

A Letter of Appreciation sent to Other Voice member Roni Keidar from the Kingston Quaker–Jewish Dialogue Group

Dear Roni,

I am writing on behalf of the Kingston Quaker –Jewish Dialogue Group to thank you warmly for the time and insights you gave us on our visit to Israel/Palestine in Late April/May. The whole visit was rich in ideas, views and issues to work on, because people like you were willing to give us serious attention. We are very grateful.

In our very small way we are continuing our dialogue in support of all those who are seeking to reach a just peace between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples. We are working on a joint report of our visit and reflections and are happy to share that with you and the other people we met if you would like a copy.

Several of us have decided to support the work of some of the organisations we visited. We have given some talks in our communities and there is great interest here in what we have to say about the courageous efforts of so many different groups in Israel/Palestine working for a just peace.

Many thanks for all you contributed to our dialogue.

Gillian Ashmore and Jack Green
The Kingston Quaker –Jewish Dialogue Group