New Documentary Tells the Story of Other Voice
California filmmaker Ose Oyamendan is currently working on the documentary Bridges Over Blood, which tells the story of our organization

On his website, Ose relates the background for the film:
"Sderot and Gaza are two neighboring towns. The former is in Israel, the latter is in Palestine. Residents of both towns were once friends and neighbors. But, today – a river of blood and destruction runs through both towns. This is where the battle line is drawn in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. ...Tired of the hostilities, war and carnage, one man in Sderot decided to stretch a hand of peace to a stranger in Gaza. They became friends, started a blog about life in their towns and preached about the necessity for peace.

"Today, there is a growing group of people in both towns nurturing friendships they hope will be the foundation to a lasting peace. Most of them are members of a group called OTHER VOICE. Bridges Over Blood is a feature length documentary that tells the story of these men, women and children and their peace initiatives. Our documentary will shatter myths that these neighbors are born to hate each other."

Bridges Over Blood Movie Trailer