Messages of Peace

On August 10, 2013, a worldwide event took place: The Great Kindness Challenge

On that day, everyone was asked to do many acts of kindness.

The event was organized by Kids for Peace.


On this day, Other Voice has asked Israelis and Gazans to send one another messages of peace – via emails, Facebook or text messages.


Here are some of the messages we received: 

Dear Friends in and from Gaza,
Today, Aug 10 2013 has been declared a Day of Kindness.
Every day should be such a day – so let’s hope that today is such a start!
May you have a blessed Eid.
May we all know peace, love and dignity.
One day the siege on Gaza will end, the Occupation will end, and Israelis and Palestinians will know and enjoy a just peace, without fear.
Thank you for being good friends. I look forward to years of deepened friendship and true peace between our peoples.



Thanks my friend for your heartfelt message. Looking forward to peace that is based on justice.
Best regards from Gaza,



Thank you a lot my friend. You can't imagine my great joy while reading your lines...

I hope we can do anything for a better future.

We're doing the right thing and working for a better future.
It gives me honor.

Wafa Halawa




To the dear people reading these words, and who share the connection and human bond that goes "beyond" and "above" and "in spite of". To those holding the other end of the thread that binds and who know that this link cannot be broken, that humanness, joy and faith cannot be defeated, who understand the one universal language that does not require literacy, but that speaks from one heart to the other – because it is in every person on earth.
Peace is not just another word… it is the beginning, the middle and the end. It is everything.
With warm wishes,

Naama Livne


May we succeed in bringing peace back into the picture!

Miriam and Shlomo Levinger