Voices from Gaza

UN report on the situation in Gaza following the storm

15 December 2013 

"The storm is exacerbating the already poor humanitarian situation for large segments of the Palestinian population, particularly in the Gaza Strip, which is already dealing with an acute fuel and energy crisis, and in herding communities located across Area C of the West Bank."

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Gaza Update: Total Darkness and Icy Weather

Ayman, Gaza

14 December 2013

Over the past 72 hours, Gaza has been undergoing icy rain and unprecedented wind. As a result of the critical weather conditions, a considerable number of families in Gaza has been forced to leave their homes seeking shelters identified by authorities in Gaza. 

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Gaza Running Out of Drinkable Water

Ayman Qwaider / Blog from Gaza, 28 October 2013

Nearly 2 million Palestinians who are living in Gaza are suffering from the shortage of clean drinking water nowadays. The water in Gaza is not fit for human consumption. The main hospital in Gaza –AL-Shifa hospital- reports that the available water in Gaza is causing chronic health problems and has caused high rates of child mortality.

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Gaza Suffocates under unprecedented harsh blockade

Ayman Qwaider / Blog from Gaza, 20 October 2013

The current situation in Gaza is drastically deteriorating. Gaza is suffering an unprecedented level of total isolation from the rest of human contact outside Gaza’s borders. The devastating impacts of the ongoing Israeli blockade are very visible in the daily life of Palestinians in Gaza. The daily social conversations of people here in Gaza are about shortage of power supply, closure of the Rafah crossing point, the availability of food items at Gaza markets.

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Life under the Blockade

10 October 2013

A document published by AIDA (Association of International Development Agencies) introduces readers to the people and faces behind Israel's blockade on Gaza. It illustrates how the blockade is not only about the facts and figures of unemployment, health and movement restrictions, but "also about wasted time, loss and longing, and aspirations unfulfilled, which are universal themes that speak to the human emotions in us all. In order for people in Gaza to live with dignity and self-sufficiency, the blockade must end."

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Gaza Through the Lens

September 2013

Gaza filmmaker Mohammed Fares Al-Majdalawi seeks to reveal the reality of daily living in the Gaza Strip   

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What's going on in Gaza?
August 2013
Closed borders, power outages, shortage of schools – this is what life looks like in Gaza these days.
Ayman from Gaza writes

Eid al-Fitr Across the Border
August 2013
"It is very painful to see how children here are still celebrating Eid with games that are irrelevant to childhood. Israelis against Arabs is a very violent game children still play in Gaza. It is an inter-generational game".
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