Events and Activities
Events and Activities

In Our Sukkah

On Tuesday, September 24 2013, members of Other Voice and MASAD (The Social-Democratic Camp) built a "Sukkah of Peace" in Sderot in support of the peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

Sending Messages of Peace

On August 10, 2013, a worldwide event took place: The Great Kindness Challenge. On this day, Other Voice has asked Israelis and Gazans to send one another messages of peace – via emails, Facebook or text messages.

  New Documentary Tells the Story of Other Voice 
 California filmmaker Ose Oyamendan is currently working on the documentary Bridges over Blood, which tells the story of our organization

Gaza-Sderot: Putting Peace Back on the Agenda

Other Voice organized a "Roundtable on Peace Initiatives" in Sderot, ass part of a nationwide activity held simultaneously across the country and aimed at reintroducing peace into the public discourse


A group of 30 students and professors of theology from the Boston area visited Kibbutz Urim and Netiv Haasasra and spoke with Other Voice members

Other Voice Gets Heard in the US
Organization member Roni Keidar promotes message of peace during US tour
February-March 2013 

Letter written by "Soul" from Gaza and read out during the Gaza-Sderot event, which called for renewed negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians


Nationwide event initiated by Other Voice to erase racist and violent graffiti from public walls in Israel

March 2009

October 2008